Meizu M3 Note – F.I.R.

meizu m3 note

This year release of Meizu m3 note is the successor for m2 note which did well at the technology box office. The specification are not falling behind Lenovo K4 Note, LeEco Le 1S and Honor 5X competitors.

Meizu M3 Note is expected to hit the price range of Rs.8K+ for a 16GB variant and around Rs.10K+ for a 32GB variant.

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Why Should I buy Meizu M3 Note? Considering the phone run on a Helio P10 Premium Octa-Core Processor I would buy this, again this is only when you buy the 3GB Ram variant because you would the RAM to support the processor.  If you are fond of Snapdragon then this is not your product.  Also if you the one who make the phone to starving for power, then this could thrill you because it has 4100mah battery.


Meizu M3 Note has the below specification

6000 Series Aluminum alloy, followed by a symmetrical design Too good-looking to forget

meizu m3 note1

The Meizu m3 note is a remarkable product, built using quality components. Its 6000 Series Aluminum alloy design coupled with an anodic oxidation process makes the Meizu m3 note feel incredible to the touch. With a matchless combination of a 2.5D front panel and a metal unibody design, the Meizu m3 note offers a simplified and delicate visual perception while being smooth to use. A brand new internal structure following the concept of symmetrical aesthetics makes the unibody not only unique, but also lighter and more elegant.

Helio P10 octa-core processor – The best balanced processor of the year

meizu m3 note2

Based on the TSMC HPC+ technology, the Helio P10 processor has the best EER (energy efficiency ratio) of all Mediatek processors. By balancing tasks, the processor automatically coordinates the CPU and GPU to lower energy consumption to a whole new level. The eight A53 cores ensure the fluency under heavy usage such as playing intensive games. The Mali-T860 64-bit GPU enhances image rendering and multimedia display.

Battery: 4100mAh – Battery life:「Out of this world」

meizu m3 note3

With years of structural design behind it, the Meizu m3 note is 0.5mm thinner than the previous generation, while packing a whopping 4100mAh battery, which is 32% bigger than the previous one. With an unparalleled combination of Flyme OS 5.1 and the Helio P10 processor, the Meizu m3 note delivers an astonishing battery life. While multitasking, the m3 note can last an outstanding 12 hours, while under normal use it can last for two days.

A 10 layer mainboard – Steady as rock

meizu m3 note4

The Meizu m3 note uses flagship mainboard technology, which we designed into 10 layers to reduce the space occupied by the mainboard. At the same time, it also reduces the internal interference, making for a more stable system.

The excellent mTouch 2.1 combined with the outstanding Meizu m3 note

meizu m3 note5

The mTouch 2.1 fingerprint sensor has outstanding reliability and user experience, while being the fastest in its class.

5.5-inch Full HD Display – Bigger screen and better display technology

meizu m3 note6

The Meizu m3 note features a Full HD display with 403 pixels per inch. Flyme Assistive Touch gives users a brand-new and convenient interactive experience. We also configured the advanced MiraVision™ 2.0 display, which is a crisp, gorgeous and balanced vision sensor, all while consuming very little energy.

Main camera: 13 megapixel PDAF auto-focus

meizu m3 note6

The 13 megapixel main camera of the Meizu m3 note uses cutting edge technology in both the sensor and the TrueBright ISP engine to ensure exquisite photos and videos. With advanced PDAF auto-focus technology, you can capture even more details. The two-tone flash will illuminate even the darkest subjects, allowing for great shots at night. With our noise reduction technology, your pictures will always look sharp and natural. Pick up your Meizu m3 note and create new stories.