Youthapps Cell Phone Depreciation & Should you repair Decision Tree?

Android phones don’t depreciate linearly over time. They lose a lot of value right away and then gradually less over time. Across all the phones we examined, here’s a chart of how phones lose value over time.  – Priceonomics

smartphone depreciation

So, we made the below calculator which calculate the depreciation and let you know the approximate resale value and also a decision tree to let you know if you need to repair the existing phone or get a new one.

The major problem we face with the smartphone are the screen crack, though we have tampered glass to protect the display, however it is the top replaced product in your smartphone apart from the smartphone itself.

So, how it all works, entry the phone price, year of purchase and also the approximate repair cost, then our decision chart will let you know the current price of the device (again the current price may vary from model to model and the market of that product, it should be taken as a indicative price only) and will let you know if it’s wise to repair the phone or replace it.

smartphone decision tree