Lenovo Smart Shoes @ Lenovo Tech World


Lenovo Showcased their Smart Shoes in Lenovo Tech World and not sure when it would be available for consumers.  The firm developed these Smart Shoes ‘Yaoat F2’ in partnership with Intel and hence we can be sure they would use Intel processor.

Lenovo Smart shoes is assumed to track your daily activities as other wearable gadgets do, like your steps, movement, heartbeat, and calorie consumption etc.

A fitness freak can use the Smart Shoes data to monitor the amount of calories you’ve burned and moreover you can use it for better training / workout sessions. Each shoe has a built-in battery and supports wireless charging. At the bottom of shoe sole, there is smart LED strip that lights up at night which was articulate your thoughts through the companion app.

As per Lenovo the Smart Shoes have built-in 3D scanning and pressure detection that can create customized insole for best level of comfort. Lenovo Shoes companion app can get you news and content that fits your lifestyle.

lenovo shoes

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