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LG Mosquito Away TV

Watching TV has gone through a big evolution from days of Black & White to Color, CRT to LED 4K. However the environment in which we watch TV has not much changed and again it’s based on which Society you’re below too and family background too.

One guest who visit us without invitation is mosquitoes and they are there when you watch your TV, this is the environment which I was referring.  Though you have plenty of ways and means to get rid of mosquitoes, all has some kind of effects (we are not sure, hence we don’t list them). 

LG has somehow thought they should fix something along with their TV to keep the mosquitoes away.  So LG has launched “LG Mosquito Away TV”.  LG is experienced in this technology as they have launched AC with the same technology.

The LG Mosquito Away TV, is equipped with an Ultrasonic device which once activated, uses the sound wave to make mosquitoes fly away without emitting any harmful radiations. LG Mosquito Away TV pricing of the TV starts from Rs 26,900 (for 32-inch) and goes up to Rs 47,500 (for 42-inch).