YOUTUBE SMART OFFLINE – Less Data Charges. More Entertainment.

youtube offline

For those who love their videos, introducing Smart Offline, a new feature on YouTube to help you watch more videos and save on data charges!

It’s interesting how Google is rolling out this options for Indian Consumers, Do you believe if i say that Google is helping the mobile provider to make money or save money?  It is actually true, the reason is the net pack which has the less data charges is night does not use the entire capacity of their network because most of us have slept and others does not do heavy load activities.

So, this would be a win win situation to the mobile service provider or the telecom provider to increase the usage of their network capacity usage by which they make money from us.  A good though from Google and the service provider.

So, Youtube Smart Offline works is pretty simple, select the video and it would download over the night.  Make sure you have the Internet connection on while you sleep and the phone has charge.

Youtube has written the steps on how it works:

  • See a video you’d like to watch?  At anytime during the day, offline it by tapping on the offline icon.
  • If your mobile operator has an eligible data offer for smart offline, select the option to use the feature.
  • Your videos will offline automatically while you sleep, and you’ll rise and shine to all the entertainment you’ll need for the day.
  • Find your videos in the ‘Saved Videos’ tab, under your account.