Today, we are introducing you to a latest book The Rooster Bar . This book has been written by John Grisham . A high overview on the story lines as follows ”

John Grisham’s newest legal thriller takes you inside a law firm that shouldn’t exist.

Law students Mark, Todd and Zola wanted to change the world – to make it a better place. But these days these three disillusioned friends spend a lot of time hanging out in The Rooster Bar, the place where Todd serves drinks. As third-year students, they realise they have been duped. They all borrowed heavily to attend a law school so mediocre that its graduates rarely pass the bar exam, let alone get good jobs. And when they learn that their school is one of a chain owned by a shady New York hedge-fund operator who also happens to own a bank specialising in student loans, the three realise they have been caught up in The Great Law School Scam.

So they begin plotting a way out. Maybe there’s a way to escape their crushing debt, expose the bank and the scam, and make a few bucks in the process. But to do so, they have to leave law school, pretend they are qualified and go into battle with a billionaire and the FBI . . .

Ingenious, immersive and page-turning, The Rooster Bar is a John Grisham legal thriller bar none.

The Rooster Bar has 368 pages and has an average rating of 3 at the time of this review. The Rooster Bar has been catagorised in Fiction & Literature Thrillers Fiction / Thrillers / General

Apps Name The Rooster Bar
Apps Developed John Grisham
Genres Fiction & Literature Thrillers Fiction / Thrillers / General
Total Reviews 2 total
Pages 368
Language English
Average Rating 3
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Reviewed on 27-Oct-17

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